James A. Burton & Family Foundation Seeks Feedback From Local Organizations on New Community Hub in Niagara-on-the-Lake

NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, ONTARIO — In an exciting development for Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL), the James A. Burton & Family Foundation, under the leadership of NOTL resident Jim Burton, is conducting a comprehensive consultation and needs assessment to explore the feasibility of establishing a community hub.  

This initiative aims to support the region’s creative, cultural, and community organizations. It envisions a fully accessible, environmentally, and financially sustainable space offering various programs designed to meet the community’s diverse and growing needs. At this stage of development, a location for the hub has yet to be determined.  

Potential ideas for the hub include flexible venues for hosting programs and events, arts rehearsal and performance areas, office spaces for local organizations, and a community school providing a new daycare and educational programming from early childhood to Grade 8. The hub also aims to accommodate other non-profit and charitable organizations, contributing to a vibrant community ecosystem. 

The initiative began last fall with a targeted consultation process involving several one-on-one interviews with community leaders and organizations. This week, the Foundation is distributing a needs assessment survey to several community organizations in the region to determine their views on how a hub can best support the community’s cultural, educational, and social spheres, ensuring that the development of the community hub is aligned with local priorities. 

“The James A. Burton & Family Foundation sees this survey and consultation process as central to finding the most effective and sustainable way forward for NOTL,” said Jim Burton. “We’ve had discussions with many potential partners, all of whom have contributed thoughtful and inventive ideas. Together, we aim to create a hub that encourages community participation for all ages, promotes cultural enrichment, and leads to program innovation. We envision a centre that reflects the region’s rich heritage and unique assets in tourism, theatre, wineries and agriculture — for today and many years to come.” 

The Foundation will share its findings with the public in the spring of 2024 and continue to work collaboratively with community partners.  

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